Common Causes Of High Fuel Consumption.

An essential thing that makes a car worthy is its fuel economy. If the car consumes less fuel and that too effectively, it is considered a great one.


An essential thing that makes a car worthy is its fuel economy. If the car consumes less fuel and that too effectively, it is considered a great one. There are times on the other hand when drivers complain that fuel consumption is abnormally high. Have you ever thought about the reason behind high fuel consumption? If no, then let’s burst the bubble and know where the problem could lie.


Finding The Truth Behind High Fuel Consumption

Fuel is needed to keep the car get going. The vehicle that consumes minimal fuel is an ideal one. Contrary to the situation, sometimes cars tend to consume excessive fuel, making them “fuel hungry.” Read on, to know why that happens.

1. The Defective Engine Block

The first thing to look into is the “engine.” This block could be tuned inappropriately, or in case, you have skipped a pending service, fuel economy is liable to suffer. Talking specifically of petrol engines, when one neglects replacement of worn out spark plugs, air cleaner equipment, or the fuel filters; fuel consumption would increase.

If the engine happens to be a diesel one, and the fuel injectors or the air filters are clogged, fuel consumption would increase exponentially. The two components are essential elements that contribute towards burning the fuel, and if they clog, high fuel consumption would be witnessed.

2. When You Put On The Wrong Gears

If you are an owner of a manual transmission car, there are chances of utilizing excessive fuel. This occurs more when you are an amateur driver. Assume, you have put on the 2nd gear and moving with a 50km/hr speed. That, in turn, would demand more power to make a move, thus more fuel consumption.

 Shocking revelation of high fuel consumption

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In simple words, if you drive with smaller gear and the speed requirement is more, the fuel would be overly used. The key to reducing the fuel consumption is synchronizing the speed with the gear changes and accelerating to a limit.


3. Driving With The AC “ON”

If you are into a habit of driving with the AC “ON,” the fuel consumption would soar to heights. Have a check on how frequently you are using the car’s air conditioner system. The AC is known to amplify the load on the engine, thus the reason behind high fuel consumption. Same goes for a car heater! Read through maintenance tips to know more on car heater, fuel consumption concept.

Sometimes AC use can be better for fuel consumption. This is when you are driving at a speed of 80 km/hr or more, as the open windows are liable to produce aerodynamic drag. The right thing to do is open windows for a few minutes after you start driving, before turning the AC on. Such a step would cool down the car a bit, thus better fuel economy.

4. More Of Load In The Trunk

Sometimes the fault is not in the mechanical block, but the load that your car is carrying. If you are fond of travelling long distances, you must be having a load of things in your car. That may sound convenient, but you are indirectly increasing the fuel consumption. When you seek fuel economy, reducing the extra weight is a recommended option.

Improve your driving style for high fuel consumption

                                                                                                Common reasons for high fuel consumption

You could also do away the roof rack or the aptly the carrier if you do not use it much. Clear out your vehicle by removing unnecessary stuff so that the load can be lessened to an extent. Once done, you’ll magically notice a change in the amount of fuel consumption.

The Final Words

These are the four common reasons that lead to high fuel consumption. Remember to visit a mechanic, if there is an issue with the car’s internal system. More than that improve your driving style and do away with extra weight for better fuel economy.

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