Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I get a Refund ?

    Yes. Please read the terms and conditions refund policy

  2. How secure is my deposit ?

    Your money is safe with us. You are depositing money only into our Bank account .You will be given a proper receipt and you have the deposit slip too.

  3. Can I change my vehicle need after I pay the deposit ?

    Yes. You can.
    Please read terms and conditions

  4. Can I get a leasing facility ?

    Yes. We can arrange.
    We arrange leasing facilities even when the vehicle is overseas to open the LC and to pay the tax

  5. How Long it will take to deliver the vehicle ?

    After we purchase the vehicle the vehicle can be delivered from JAPAN in average 3-5 weeks.
    From Australia 6- 8 weeks, From Europe 6-8 weeks

  6. Do I have to open a tax file when I import a vehicle ?

    If it is decided by the customs, Yes you have to.

  7. Can I get a warranty ?

    Yes you can. Please see our warranty page.

  8. What is an LC / Letter Of Credit ?

    When you are importing a vehicle you are paying some big amount of money to a foreign country .As there is a risk of paying out of your money, the safest and only legal method of paying for your vehicle is Letter of credit .The letter of credit will be issued by your bank.
    The required amount of money that is needed to pay to your seller will be blocked in your account and your money will be sending only to your seller once your vehicle arrives in HAMBANTOTA port.

  9. What is FOB Value ?

    FOB is a pricing term that pertains to the total cost of the vehicle, along with transportation, insurance and loading costs from the manufacturer’s location to the port of departure In the exporting country .

  10. What is CIF Value ?

    CIF is inclusive of the price of the vehicle, the insurance cost during delivery and the shipping freight. The seller pays the freight and the cost of shipping the vehicle from the port of delivery to the port of destination. However, the risk of either vehicular damage or loss, along with extra fees, is transferred to the buyer after the time of delivery.

  11. I wish to import a vehicle in to the country. What are the formalities I should follow?

    There are several important points you need to remember.

    • The remittance of foreign exchange must be made through a commercial bank on a Letter of Credit, established prior to shipment.
    • The age of the vehicle must be within the permitted limit.

  12. Can I import a used vehicle?
    • Yes.
    • But the age must not exceed the permitted limit.
    • If the age exceeds the permitted limit, a license from the Controller General of Imports &Exports must be obtained prior to importation.

    # Description of Vehicle Specifications HS Heading Age Limit (Years)
    1 Road Tractors (Prime Movers) 87.01 5
    2 Agricultural Tractors 87.01 10
    3 Buses (10-12 passengers, including Driver) 87.02 3 ½
    4 Buses (13-24 passengers, including Driver) 87.02 5
    5 Buses (25 and above, including Driver) 87.02 10
    6 Motor Cars 87.03 3
    7 Trishaws 87.03 2
    8 Sports Utility Vehicles (Jeeps) 87.03 3
    9 All-Terrain Vehicles (Beach Bikes) 87.03 3
    10 Dual Purpose Vehicles (Vans) 87.04 4
    11 Single Cabs 87.04 4
    12 Double Cabs 87.04 4
    13 Ambulances 87.04 3
    14 Hearses 87.04 3
    15 Motor Homes 87.04 3
    16 Lorries/ Trucks GVW Less than 5MT 87.04 4
    17 Lorries/ Trucks GVW above 5MT 87.04 10
    18 Refrigerated Trucks GVW less than 5MT 87.04 4
    19 Refrigerated Trucks GVW over 5MT 87.04 10
    20 Milk Bowsers GVW less than 5MT 87.04 5
    21 Milk Bowsers GVW over 5MT GVW over 5MT 87.04 10
    22 Garbage Trucks GVW less than 5MT GVW less than 5MT 87.04 5
    23 Garbage Trucks GVW over 5MT GVW over 5MT 87.04 10
    24 Crane Lorries 87.05 10
    25 Mobile Drilling derricks 87.05 7
    26 Fire Fighting Vehicles 87.05 7
    27 Concrete Mixer Lorries 87.05 10
    28 Mobile Workshops 87.05 7
    29 Gully Bowsers 87.05 7
    30 Concrete Pump trucks 87.05 10
    31 Motor Bikes 87.11 3
  13. How does Customs calculate the age of a used vehicle?

    • The age of a used vehicle is the period between the date of first registration and the date of shipment from the country of export.
    • The date of first registration is available on the export certificate while the date of the Bill of lading/ Air Way Bill is taken as the date of shipment.

  14. What is Bill of Lading?

    It is a document of proof issued by the shipping line or airline to say that they have received a good to deliver to a specified destination.

  15. Who is a consignee ?

    The consignee is the recipient stated on the B/L. The consignee is fully responsible for picking up the vehicle after delivery.

  16. I am going to import a vehicle on my concessionary duty permit. What are the formalities I should follow?

    In addition to the requirements to be fulfilled in importing a vehicle in to the country, as explained before, you must make sure that:

    • You possess a valid Concessionary permit
    • The value, as determined in terms of the regulations explained above, is within the permitted limit, at the time of establishment of the relevant letter of credit.
    • The other conditions relevant to the permit must be fulfilled. (These condition can be found on the permit itself, and the relevant Gazette Notification under which concessionary permits are issued)

  17. I am employed overseas. Can I import in to Sri Lanka the car I am currently using in the country of employment?

    • Yes.
    • However, the vehicle must be within the permitted age limit. If not, a permit from the Controller of Imports & Exports must be obtained prior to importation. Also, if the vehicle is imported on No Foreign Exchange Involved basis, necessary clearance must be obtained from the Controller General of Imports & Exports prior to importation.

  18. Is there any monetary benefit by way of reduction in Customs Duties when such vehicles are imported?

    • No.
    • Under the existing regulations, the amount of Customs Duty payable is equal to what is payable under normal circumstances.

  19. Can I clear my own vehicle from Customs without the service of a Customs House Agent?

    • No.
    • Under the provisions of the Customs ordinance, the Customs clearance documents must be presented and the clearance formalities completed by a licensed Customs House Agent. However, Motor Bicycles brought in as part of unaccompanied personal baggage can be cleared by the passenger without a Customs House Agent.